Why Intern Abroad? A Guide to Interning Across the Ocean

Well, why not? There are so many reasons for a PR student to intern abroad. Here are london2_000just a few (you might want to get your passports ready).

Learn the corporate culture of another country. America arguably has the most fast-paced working environment in the world. That being said, working in any other country would be a completely different experience. Chances are, working and living in another country is probably unlike anything you would expect, and you’ll learn so much that you could not learn interning in America.

Opportunities to pass on your own knowledge and experience. Many countries look to the PR in the U.S. as a model for how to do public relations, and PR professionals in other countries generally have a high interest in our experiences and views regarding public relations. Also, putting yourself in the context of a completely different industry culture causes you to view yourself and your experiences in a whole new way.

Immerse yourself in your field. You can focus on your career goals in PR for a semester. Internships in other countries are also generally more laid back than those in America, so you’ll gain lots of skills in a less stressful environment. Outside of the work environment as well, you will be taken outside of your regular academic routine and away from your typical obligations on campus. Because of this, you’ll have a chance to find yourself as a PR professional.

Interning or studying abroad will help you find yourself academically, professionally, and personally by taking you outside of your comfort zone, which is beneficial to even the most well-traveled students. Living and working in a different country is a learning experience that one can take advantage of few times, or maybe only once in a lifetime. To get further educated on the opportunities available to you at BU, click here (embedded link: http://www.bu.edu/abroad/)

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