Recap: Resume and Interview Advice for the Summer Internship Application Season

At this week’s PRSSA meeting, COM professor Jo O’Connor gave members helpful adviceurl-2
on applying for summer internships with a resume and interview workshop. Professor O’Connor runs PR Lab, Boston University’s student-run PR firm that allows PR students to work with real-world clients. Students can take PR lab as many times as they want to add experience on their resumes.

Professor O’Connor focused on resume details. Some tips include:

  1. Don’t put down CAS concentrations unless it’s related to what you want to do, but always put down minors.
  2. Don’t put down the courses you’ve taken – those are implied. Even if you’re applying for internships, you want to look more like a professional than a student.
  3. Quantify your successes. “Assisted in planning events” should be replaced by something like “Coordinated logistics including seating charts and invitation design for an event with over 700 guests.”
  4. Replace “related experience” with “professional experience.”
  5. Always have a “volunteer” section. You should also have an “interests” section on the bottom of your resume to break the ice during the interview.

O’Connor also provided useful advice for interviews:

  1. It’s best to 5-10 minutes early. Surprisingly, it’s better to be 5 minutes late than 20 minutes early, because your interviewer will feel rushed and be put in a bad mood before he or she even meets you. However, if you know that you’re going to be late, call at least 25 minutes ahead of time.
  2. Bring 3 copies of your resume, a business card, a portfolio, a pad, and a pen.
  3. At the end of the interview, always ask questions. Example: “What do you like most about working here?”
  4. Take notes during phone interviews so you can write a strong follow-up e-mail.
  5. During Skype or Google+ interviews, be in a room with no echo and dress professionally.

Keep an eye out for summer internship opportunities that will be posted weekly on the site, and good luck!

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