Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

I told the social strategist for MTV that I was obsessed with what he does.elevator-pitch

The perfect elevator pitch? Probably not. Crafting that short, succinct, witty, memorable pitch can sometimes be difficult. For me, I wanted to find a balance between aspiring PR professional and complete fan girl (because that’s what I am). It might not have been perfect, but in my defense, I made him laugh. Hopefully it was just what I needed to stand out among the rest.

An elevator pitch is defined as a brief overview of a product, service, project, or person that is meant to get the conversation started. Dubbed the elevator pitch because it should take no longer than an elevator ride to deliver, this essential networking tactic is surely a skill to be mastered.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you on your way towards the perfect pitch:

Know your audience
Elevator pitches can and should be tailored for different audiences. Not every employer is the same. When networking, show that you’re interested in what they do too.

Sell yourself
Once you start the conversation, you’re going to want to sell yourself. What makes you who you are? Try to include your personality, along with the professional info, of course.

Follow up
After the firm handshake, completed elevator pitch and resume/business card swap, following up is a great idea to keep you fresh in a potential employer’s mind. Send a quick email or connect on LinkedIn. It’s important to solidify the connection and foster your new budding professional relationship.

Elevator pitches must be crafted, rehearsed, and tailored; they take practice. Remember to stay true to who you are and you’ll discover that perfect pitch.



2 thoughts on “Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

  1. Very good and very true.


  2. Great post! Elevator pitches are important even when someone asks about your current position. Knowing 3-5 short key points shows people you know your work well and are prepared to talk about your skills in any situation.


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