The Red Sox: Ole Mom and Pop National Sports Team?

When you think of the Red Sox, “mom and pop shop” doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But that’s how Zineb Curran, the Corporate671 Communications Director for the Boston Red Sox sees it. She spoke this Thursday to Boston University PRSSA  about her time with the Boston sports team, and a few key points resonated with the crowd.

Curran offered some tips for the crowd. First, the one thing that every communications student always hears be a good writer. The fact that we hear it so often only compounds its importance for the PR field. Curran stated, “You won’t make it in Public Relations if you aren’t a good writer.”

Her most resonating point was that the people that you work with translate to your work happiness and overall success. Curran has worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Fidelity Investments, and it seems that while she was happy at both those places, she is happiest with the Red Sox because of the people that she works with, and the environment that she works in. While a less structured atmosphere than a place like Fidelity, Curran raved about the loose, family-like atmosphere present at Red Sox headquarters. She also talked about how even though she had cycled through a few industries as a PR professional, she essentially said the industry doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy the people you work with and you are challenging yourself and learning everyday.

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