Why Entertainment Communications? Stalking Bieber is Fun

If you’ve ever posted on the MTV Facebook page or tweeted @MTV, there’s a good chance that you were interacting with Kion Sanders. As the Social Media Strategist for MTV, Sanders works on the digital media team, developing social strategies for the network’s shows, managing online communities and digital events, such as live streams and meet and greets, and managing Facebook for Catfish, Jersey Shore, and Snooki, to name a few.

“How did I get involved in entertainment? PRSSA. Next slide,” said Sanders during his presentation How to be Heard in Entertainment, at PR Advanced. In college, Sanders was heavily involved with PRSSA, serving as the Vice President of Chapter Development for PRSSA nationals. He did not originally plan on working in entertainment PR. Before MTV, he worked as the Social Media Strategist for politician Anthony Foxx and later, Weber Shandwick. He noted that he was drawn to entertainment PR, because there’s always something new to do and he gets to work with “people brands.” It’s also an exciting and spontaneous job: when a celebrity like Rihanna enters the building, he must drop what he’s doing to capture on-site footage and post content on various social media platforms.

So how do PRSSA students prepare for this fast-paced career? According to Sanders, passionately. Experience and networking are important, but passion for the entertainment industry makes applicants stand out during interviews in the internship selection process. Prospective interns must be caught up on MTV shows – die-hard fans of Teen Mom will notice if a Facebook status is posted about something that happened all the way back in last week’s episode.  More broadly, those interested in pursuing a career in entertainment PR must be caught up with all facets of the industry, which of course, includes stalking Bieber.

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