The Oscars: Fashion Falls and Faux Pas

Whether you are a fan of award show season or not, one thing I’ve always loved about 130224-galleryimg-ap-oscars-jennifer-lawrence-anne-hathawaythe Oscars is seeing the fabulous gowns and wardrobe selections of our favorite stars. Reporters, magazines, blogs, and fashion critics everywhere wait patiently to evaluate the worst and best dressed of the night, and sometimes it seems like the fashion critiques overpower who ACTUALLY won the awards. The day after the Oscars as you walk around campus, you’ll hear people talk about the mishaps: Jennifer Lawrence’s fall in her flawless dress, and Anne Hathaway’s undergarment malfunction; not the fact that Argo won film of the year.

Celebrities spend weeks and even months before award shows working with makeup artists, designers, and stylists to find the perfect look for the red carpet, and rightfully so. The way celebrities dress and carry themselves on a night like the Oscars is major personal public relations, and if gone wrong you might end up on the worst dressed list or with a bad twitter account named after your fashion mistakes.

If the way you dress yourself is a way of marketing your personal brand, then why have a team of experts and stylists do it for you? Are celebrities so afraid of fashion faux pas that they feel the need to call on professional stylists like Rachel Zoe to lay out outfit options weeks before an event? Well, Anne Hathaway is a perfect example of what happens when you don’t think long and hard about your Oscars appearance and pick a last minute dress because Amanda Seyfried is wearing the same style… you might end up getting attention for a brand that you did not intent on advertising.

Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand shows that in spite of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions like tripping over the long train of your dress, if you stay true to your personal style and brand people will talk. They will talk  about how fabulous you looked while tripping up the stairs to receive the Oscar. Jennifer’s press conference following the incident was light-hearted and honest, and instead of playing off the fall as intended PR, she joked around with reporters and most importantly was true to her brand.

While bloggers and social media experts gossip about how Anne Hathaway’s stylist should have forced her to wear adhesive petals, college students everywhere talk about how they have massive girl crushes on Jennifer Lawrence and want to be her best friend. Branding is important, and your outfit can make you or break you on the red carpet.

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