Facebook’s New Feature Allows the Average Joe to Act Like a PR Pro

The ever-changing Facebook has come up with yet another feature. Facebook is now letting friends promote the imgres-6statuses, photos and videos of other friends for a small fee. The evolution of this concept, promoting via Facebook, began when the company allowed advertisers to sponsor posts to push certain ads, and then when it allowed users to promote their own posts. Now as long as you are friends with whoever posted you have the power to promote it.

The new feature will allow certain news, for example a friend’s engagement, or a friend’s volunteer event to gain more coverage than it normally would, now that the post is circulating throughout different friend circles.

It’s difficult to determine how popular this new feature will be. How many people are willing to pay to get messages out there? Maybe for the average Joe this might not be worth Facebook’s trouble. But as for the PR pro, this unlocks a whole new way to reach audiences. People are more likely to be susceptible to messages that are sponsored by their friends. If information on a new product or a certain event is delivered through a trusted source, they are more likely to gain interest, or participate. Social media strikes again.

This post is apart of our weekly Tech Tuesday blog series. 

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