The Road Less Traveled

With this year’s PR Advanced conference approaching quickly, it is crucial to at least start to think about url-1what can be gained from this experience and what pieces of the day will make the most difference to you. Trying to decide which road to take can be tough, but what if the decision weren’t all that difficult after all? What if the best road to take was the road less traveled?

In the world of public relations, taking the road less traveled can refer to taking jobs at places that aren’t necessarily considered traditional, such as at a corporate or entertainment firm. While it is certainly a worthy goal to want to someday be a PR big-wig with lucrative clients and an office overlooking the New York City skyline, some practitioners are opting for more off-the-beaten-path positions that may fulfill their sense of accomplishment more than any mainstream job would. By attending this breakout session, you will see the benefits of taking the road less traveled laid out in front of you in the form of three exceptional speakers who are all Boston University alumni. Some have joined startups funded by mega corporations like Google, while others have chosen to move outside of the country in order to pursue their goals in the field. Whether you’re a part of the next big thing in social media, or traveling the globe, the point is that you will still be taking part in all of the things that everyone else in the PR industry takes part in. By taking this road and choosing this path you are in no way limiting yourself or stifling your chances for success. You are simply acknowledging that there are a number of options and a number of pathways for rising practitioners to take when plunging into the world of PR—so why not start taking the first steps down the road less traveled this weekend at PR Advanced.

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