The Social Business Culture: The Future of Social Media

One factor of the communication function that has changed over time is technology: the speed in which messages urlare distributed have become much faster, creating both opportunities and challenges for PR professionals. The one-way dialogue of traditional PR has essentially become a conversation – a two-way  communication channel in which organizations and users can interact.  Other marketing channels simply do not have as many opportunities to generate engagement. Because the public now gains a powerful voice through social media, PR professionals must keep up. Practicing PR through social media is effective and crucial in the digital age for building strong, lasting impressions. Interaction with organizations gains users’ trust and effectively develops relationships, having the power to advance an organization. It is essential for PR professionals to continually adopt new forms of technology as they emerge. Because social media sites are becoming a source for breaking news, media coverage is spreading more rapidly than ever before.  PR professionals effectively use social media in reaching target audiences, promoting a specific cause, and further developing communication strategies.  The field of PR will undoubtedly continue to change as new media evolve.

This year’s theme for PR Advanced, Embrace the Possibilities, emphasizes the infinite number of ways to a successful PR career.  To learn more about the importance and future of social media in the business sector, as well as brand personality, authentic interaction, and the increasing importance of culture in the social business, register for “The Social Business Culture”, the PR Advanced session with Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Customer Officer of Enterasys Networks.

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