Content Marketing: An Important Lesson From Rob Six, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at Roll Global

One topic that I always struggle with is gauging what my readers actually want to read about. Do they prefer light-Content Marketinghearted material or in-depth social media strategies? Would they be interested in my opinions about the future or a reflection of past successes and failures by large agencies? Any blogger knows that it is essential to connect with the audience by delivering your message in a way they find enjoyable and interesting. It’s a mix of being a mind reader and fortune-teller, but also necessary for the field.

One aspect of PRAdvanced: Embrace the Possibilites, which I believe will answer many of my questions is the segment on content marketing led by Rob Six, the Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at Roll Global. In it’s simplest terms, content marketing is a marketing technique, which engages a specific target audience through relevant and valuable material. Mr. Six has worked in corporate and brand communications for over 18 years with experience in everything from crisis management to stakeholder engagement. Currently, Mr. Six oversees all corporate and brand public relations for each of the companies as well as crisis communications, executive visibility and C-suite positioning. When it comes to content marketing, I’ll be taking notes from Rob.

This year’s theme, Embrace the Possibilities, has prepared me to think of more creative outlets and has inspired me to think outside of the box. Whether it’s a new post for a personal blog or assignment at that great internship, content marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle. I hope to learn not only how to strengthen the relationships I make, but also how to reach new audiences and connect to new networks.

What do you hope to learn about content marketing? Do you think it plays an important role in the field of public relations? Learn more at our conference this Saturday Feb 23rd. Register at


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