5 steps to PR Advanced Success

In case you missed this week’s meeting here are a five steps for making the most of your experience at the PR Advanced Conference this Saturday, or some advice to carry with you:url

Step 1- Register for PR Advanced!

-Early Bird Registration ends today, February 15th!

 Step 2- Update your resume.

-Be sure to ask your previous supervisors to go over what your responsibilities were and quantify them. If you produced press releases at your last internship, make sure you say how many!

-Find ways to make your resume stand out like printing it on weighted paper, or perhaps in a different color.

 Step 3- Look the part.

-Business Formal, that means suits for men, and a couple other options for the women. Whether you choose, a skirt or pants, a blazer or cardigan, or a dress: be wary of hemlines but it doesn’t need to be boring.

 Step 4– Business Card Etiquette

-Your business cards should be creative and eye catching. Visit Vistaprint.com or moo.com to make your business cards, and don’t forget to include contact info, your school and major, and social media links.

-Be sure to take others’ business cards and take notes about the conversation you had with the person either on the back or through free apps like CardMunch, so you have something specific to refer to when you follow up.

Step 5- Be yourself.

-When networking with professionals, they want to know your personality so they can see if you are the right “fit” for their agency.

-Be a sponge and adapt. The key is to find the right balance between telling professionals what they want to hear, and being true to yourself.

Hope to see you Saturday! Oh, and one more thing, bring your charger!

This is a weekly blog series by Jillian Skuza. She is a sophomore studying Public Relations.

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