Valentine’s Day: True Love, or Good PR?

Candy hearts, chocolates, flowers, and diamonds (if you’re lucky), every single man and woman in America is aware of the mostValentines-Day-Chocolate-Nuggets love-filled and sentimental day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, every where you turn in every CVS, and grocery store , Valentine’s Day is in your face. The blown up advertisements and deals on chocolates, and cards drive the single and bitter Valentine’s Day haters to hide, and the deeply in love couples to spend an entire day filled with love. Is it that every couple falls even deeper in love on Valentine’s Day, Or that companies and advertisements coerce consumers into celebrating a love that should be honored every single day of the year. Is Valentine’s Day really about true love, or is it just good PR?

If you think about it, when you love someone you want to spoil him or her every day; not just on February 14th because some baby named Cupid says so. Brands and corporations like Hallmark, Hershey’s and even Victoria’s Secret monopolize on the holiday. It’s public relations and marketing genius. With pink and red advertisements and media gift-guides posted everywhere, Americans jump to do something extra special for their significant others as sales jump during the consumer created holiday. The Victoria’s Secret advertisement reads, “seduction starts here” creating the idea that you CAN’T have a good Valentine’s Day until you buy some of their products, but do we really need to buy these company’s products  for Valentine’s Day?   Companies’ advertisements around Valentine’s Day say not…

There’s no doubt that brands use Valentine’s Day as a PR and marketing strategy to play on emotion to increase sales, but the real question is why does it work? Millions of people fall into the Valentine’s Day trap, including myself, and dress up in red and pink handing out candy and cards to our friends and loved ones. Good PR might be the driving force behind Valentine’s Day, but I think Americans secretly love to love, despite knowing that corporations and brands are sucking them into the holiday ploy. I mean, everybody knows that buying chocolate isn’t the equivalent to true love…or is?


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  1. Good chocolate tastes good on any day – I don’t care what day it is, really! So if anyone whishes to send me candy, feel free to do so. 😉


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