The Grammys: Music’s Biggest PR Push

This past Sunday marked the biggest music event of the year, The Grammys. They did not disappoint, everyone from Elton John, Theurl-2 Marleys, and Justin Timberlake took the stage Sunday evening. One of the most notable PR stunts for this year’s Grammys was the goal to make the event one for everyone rather than just the musicians, by using phrases such as “our Grammys” and “a Grammy moment.” The goal was to not only make the audience feel welcome, but for the people at home as well.

Current BU junior, Christina Serrano, attended the award show and exclaimed, “seeing the cameramen running around everywhere kind of took the mystery out of what you see at home, but nonetheless it was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.” In terms of the performances they varied from country and pop to reggae. Christina expressed, “each artist’s performance had something amazing to offer!”

One musician who took advantage of the hype associated with the Grammys was Justin Timberlake. Not only did he debut a new song from his upcoming album, but he also released another track after the Grammys. With the coverage linked to The Grammys, it provided a great platform to televise his upcoming album.

Social media, specifically Twitter was also a big influence for the event. Not only did the night’s host, L.L. Cool J, reference “hashtag” often, but there were also visuals on the screen for the viewers at home to participate online. Christina notes that she was not even allowed to bring her phone into the venue and she did not see many artists using their phones during the awards. Regardless of the mobile restrictions, the Grammys still ranked as the second highest social media event of the year, behind the Super Bowl (Billboard).

Overall, the Grammys were a great success, not only has it been a great PR influence for music, but also the artists as individuals. The 55th Grammys certainly used social media to their advantage as well as the emphasis on greater connection between the Grammy Foundation, the artists who are represented by the association, and the listeners who help in the musical process.

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