Magic Moments with Guest Speaker Shep Hyken

This weeks PRSSA meeting featured guest speaker Shep Hyken, a New York Times Bestselling author and Chief Amazement Officer atShep Hyken Headshot (Formal flp) Shepard Presentations. His presentation focused on the little things that go a long way in the world of business and particularly in the public relations profession.

His entire speech revolved around this idea of creating “magical moments.” Whether those moments are between business and client or potential employer and applicant, these moments come from “creating confidence,” and doing the right thing, which Hyken says “is what business is all about.”

These magical moments are the key to success in business, it’s the way a person or a brand stands out in the crowd, is remembered, and builds loyal relationships. Hyken offers five ways to create these magical moments:

  1. Manage a good first impression
  2. Knowledge and expertise: learn everything there is to know about a company you are interested in working for
  3. Have the ability to communicate rapport
  4. Communication: ask that extra question that clarifies meaning and solidifies understanding
  5. Show Appreciation: Thank you notes, the written ones pack the most punch

Hyken closed his speech with a magic trick that seemed to fail, until he turned a three of spades into the ten of spades and responded to his failed trick by saying, “Turn every moment of misery, into a moment of magic.” These are words that everyone should live by as they go into the work world.

This post was written by PRSSA member Jillian Szuka

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