Getting to Know the 2013 Executive Board- Pt. 10

Name: Laura Kane480972_10151466612854705_1257268249_n

Year: Sophomore

Position: Agency Director (Spring 2013)

Major: Public Relations (COM) and Business Management (SMG)

How PRSSA has helped you: As a member of PRSSA, I have gained public relations skills that I couldn’t have learned in the classroom. Working with PRSSA has been a multi-faceted, fun, and exciting experience that helped me decide that PR was the perfect major for me. PRSSA has encouraged me to seek networking opportunities and pursue internships. Not only has it helped me academically, but it also allowed me to become apart of a tight knit community within BU.

Kind of PR you are interested in: Corporate and Agency

Favorite PRSSA memory: I served as an account executive for a start-up, Zaarly my freshman year. The first event consisted of delivering free pizza to students all around campus. Needless to say, I made a lot of friends that night.  

Hobbies/other things you do on campus: I work in the dean’s office of MET College. I am also a sister of Alpha Phi, a music junkie, and an avid skier.

Where you (ideally) see yourself after graduation: My dream would be to work in Boston for an Investor Relations firm or work as a member of a Corporate PR team.

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