Print Media: Dead or Dying?

Is print media dead? No. 

Is print media dying? Certainly not.

With the advent of Gutenberg’s completed printing press in 1440, print media evolved to serve the masses. And that’s what print media has done ever since: evolve.

The Internet is a life-altering tool, just as radio and television were, and still are. Each new technological development has affected communication and has affected traditional print media. These new media have created interesting challenges and opportunities for print media, and so print media has rolled with the punches.

I have never known life without the Internet. It is an integral part of our everyday lives, and rightfully so.  The Internet has dramatically changed the way we gather information – especially with the assistance of tablets, laptops and smartphones, the news is more accessible than ever before. This poses a huge challenge for traditional print media. Fighting convenience, cost effectiveness, and the short attention spans of people today, are not easy tasks.

Through it all, print media perseveres. Newspapers, magazines, and the like remain powerful and popular tools. Print media offers tangibility—something you can hold, read, and soak in. Print media also has a knack for being credible. With years of practice and expertise, many people trust what they read. And as an added bonus, inserts offer weekly coupons and extra deals for consumers. Everyone loves a good deal. Print media retains a readership because of its many beneficial qualities.

Print media is an essential piece to communication. We would not be where we are today without the evolution of the print media. So yes, print media is changing and ever evolving, but no, it is not dying. To tie it all in, a combination of traditional and new media are both essential to successful PR campaigns. While the wide reach of the Internet and potential exposure makes the web an important part of PR, print media is a very much alive and an equally influential part of a solid PR plan.


1 thought on “Print Media: Dead or Dying?

  1. I agree with your point. Print media is far from dead.
    On the other side the growth of online can not be dismissed. Overall US online ad revenue just surpassed print media ads in 2012.

    The issue for Print Media companies is that for their own revenue that is not the case. Most of them still get most of their revenue from their print arms. But that will change, it is a matter of time.


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