Dale Carnegie and the Art of Communicating Effectively

Last week, Cameron McCurdy hosted a free workshop on campus entitled How to Make a Good First Impression Every Time. During this workshop, we got great tips from McCurdy, who is Dale Carnegie Training’s Marketing Coordinator.

For those who would love to further their knowledge on how to interact effectively with anyone from potential employers to clients, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great source. For some, this might be required reading in an introductory public relations course, but I can assure you it is everything but boring. Carnegie uses candied language to portray techniques that are useful when you want to make a good first impression, keep people engaged, and communicate with people in the most productive manner.

The book is divided into various principles by which  every Public Relations practitioner should live by. He poses possible scenarios, and uses humorous vocabulary and anecdotes to captivate you and get you to fully understand how humans can react depending on the way you speak to them. The book includes “Six Ways to Make People Like You,” “Win People to Your Way of Thinking,” and “Fundamental Techniques of Handling People.”

Carnegie himself wrote this book as a self-help novel for people over three quarters of a century ago. It goes to show that humans are the same at their core, despite their culture or technological differences from the past. This book, and the workshop given by Mr. Cameron McCurdy, are both ways in which we can learn these techniques, and truly connect with whoever we come across, regardless of the situation. And believe me, with its various checklists and hilarious stories, Carnegie makes this a fun read. It might seem like common sense at first, but there’s nothing like understanding the importance of subtleties… Everything from how important it is to remember people’s names to the value of encouragement.

Thanks again to Mr. McCurdy for taking the time to share these tips, and to Mr. Dale Carnegie for the amazing novel. Whether you went to the workshop, read the book, you’re well on your way to becoming an effective communicator…

And if you have yet to pick up this amazing manual… What are you waiting for?

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