Bridging the Gap: Back to the BAYsics

This post was written by Carol Kerbaugh, our Chapter’s Programming Coordinator, as part of our PRSSA 2012 National Conference series, where members of our Executive Board will be sharing tips from various breakout sessions. 

During Back to the BAYsics, Emma Shiflett, Recruitment Coordinator at Edelman West, and Brooke Kruger, Founder of KC Partners, offered their top advice for job and internship applicants.

Here is a recap of the important points they touched on throughout their presentation and Q&A session.

  • Don’t put an objective on your résumé unless it’s really something special. If your only reason for applying for the position is that you want a job in the field, leave it off your résumé. That’s why everyone is applying.
  • Don’t go smaller than 11-point font. Recruiters have to be able to read your résumé.
  • Tailor your résumé for different positions. Carefully read job descriptions and include details on your résumé that relate directly to the responsibilities and roles of the job you’re applying to. This will allow recruiters and HR managers to see that you are qualified for the position.
  • Consider the document name. A recruiter is going to be able to see what you saved your résumé as. Simply saving it as your first and last name is a good bet.
  • Save in PDF format (unless otherwise specified). Documents can often open differently on different versions of Microsoft Word, so your perfectly crafted and well-organized resume might turn out to look like a scrambled mess when someone else opens it. Save as PDF and you won’t have to worry about that catastrophe.
  • Highlight your digital media experience. In today’s PR world, digital and social media are huge. Be sure to note that you know how to use popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Send the cover letter as the body of the email you send. No one wants to spend the time to open an extra attachment.
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