Stay Involved and Informed As A PR Pro

When Mark Twain first said this, I don’t think he anticipated the world we live in today, but his message is still incredibly pertinent. In the field of public relations, it is necessary to stay up-to-date on all current events, pop culture and industry news. Amid homework, club activities, part-time jobs and everything else we do, sometimes it’s hard to take five to ten minutes a day to read an article, but making the time to do so will be a huge advantage. Being an informed individual will not only make a positive impact during interviews, but it offers fresh content for a personal blog or quick tweet. Here’s some easy ways to get your reading done:

PRSA Emails. PRSSA & PRSA will send a few emails a week and I highly encourage you to take a look at them! Their emails contain articles focused towards the industry. Their heading is even titled, “News You Need”. Their links analyze the major events within the industry important for any aspiring PR professional to be aware of.

Your Favorite Newspaper. Whether it’s a national, regional or local paper, find something you like that pertains to the area you live in. If you prefer reading up about local politics, upcoming events or lifestyle pieces, being up to date and involved is never a bad thing.

Specialized Blogs. If you’re interested in a certain field of PR there are lots of great bloggers who are interested in that field as well! I’d suggest finding a reputable blogger who is well aware and experienced in the industry. Not only will they be commenting on the latest trends, but the blogs they follow as well as their followers could give you more insight to what goes on in that field. For example, if you’re interested in health and beauty I would suggest, but if you’re more interested in technology, is always a great source.

Mr. Twain’s words still ring true today in the field of public relations, but arguably for anyone looking to advance their career. Staying involved and informed will certainly impress an employer, but more importantly it will offer a new path for you to comment, criticize, and apply your knowledge of public relations to the world today.

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