Showcasing Your Online Brand on Your Résumé

Ever think the time you’ve spent picking out a perfect filter on an Instagram photo or perfecting a witty hashtag was time wasted? I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. Today we live and breathe social media. Without even realizing it we are constantly studying new platforms, critiquing twitter updates and continuing the internal debate of Blogger or WordPress. You could say that our generation is full of social media experts, and you’d be right. Its part of our everyday life, but its important to employers too. By linking your various social media platforms to your résumé, a prospective employer will not only be impressed with your impeccable social media skills, but will have the opportunity to learn more about your personality and passions.

Show And Tell

Actions speak louder than words so your obsession with putting everything you see on Instagram could speak volumes to a potential employer. You could read articles upon articles of the functions of Twitter, but there is a certain etiquette you can only gain from experience. During an interview, there’s limited time to express how great you are at social media, but by making your accounts visible to potential employers, it displays that you truly know the ins and outs of the platform.

Personality is Powerful

The added benefit of linking your social media platforms to your résumé is that your potential employer will be able to see what you’re like when you’re not dressed up for an interview. Your interests, passions and hobbies will be clearly evident in what you blog or tweet about. If you’re crazy about fashion and it’s the focus of your various social media platforms, that’s essential for a potential employer to know, especially if you’re applying to an agency with the same interest. By showcasing your platforms, it tells the potential employer that you had an interest in similar topics before you even thought of applying.

Linking your social media platforms to your résumé can only benefit you. Not only does it show your vast understanding of how to use the platform, but also gives the employer an opportunity to see your personality and passions. I fully suggest you make your platforms visible to potential employers, but always remember that they are 100% visible! Only post work that you’re proud of, not something that could get you in trouble.  Showcase the skills that make you a great candidate.

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