Four Key Tips to Proper Interview Etiquette

Interviews are an unavoidable part in scoring most any job.  And while at times daunting, interviews are key for you and any potential employer to test each other out; it’s as much a test for you as it is for them.  That being understood, there is a certain etiquette to any successful interview. Follow these four steps and you’re sure to be employed in no time.

1. Dress to Impress. This step starts before the interview. Choose your attire to fit the position you want. Most always dress professionally. Even if the position is more casual, be sure to present yourself as neat, tidy, and groomed. Your physical presentation at the interview will be the employer’s first impression of you. Make it count.

2. Keep Good Time. Know where you’re going and know how to get there. Take a practice run if necessary. Also: The most important part of the first impression, besides the clothing, is your timing. Arrive early! Early is the new “on-time.”

3. Be Prepared. It’s important to attend your interview ready for anything. Always bring extra copies of your resume. Although an employer may have already seen your resume, it’s good to have one on hand for the actual interview. Do your research. Know what company you want to work for! It’s best to attend with a list of questions. This especially proves your interest to the employer. Lastly, if pertinent, be prepared with your portfolio or examples of your work. An interview is an opportune time to show everything you’ve got.

4. Follow Up. And finally, follow up your interview with a hand-written thank you note. Old-fashioned is best. Thank the interviewer for his or her time and consideration. This last step will help you stand out among the rest.

While all of these steps are important, remember to be yourself in an interview – this might be the most important part of all. If you have passion for the profession you are in, it will more than likely shine through.


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  1. Great advice, Kat. I will use it when I interview next week!


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