Public Relations: A Recession Proof Industry

Considering the tough economic times, high unemployment, and an incredibly uncertain job market, college students are faced with an ever difficult task: entering the workforce after graduation. The good news for public relations students is that PR, in a way, is a recession proof industry.  Now, more than ever, the need for PR is critical.

A difficult economy should be viewed as opportunity in the eyes of the public relations professional. The most important time for a business to market itself is when business is slow.  Companies not only want, but need, public relations professionals to aid them in times of economic downturn.  These are three of the many reasons why…

PR boosts visibility.  A solid public relations strategy will get a business’ name out to the public. Consumers are susceptible to advertising, and will always go with the name of a company with a good reputation, over one they have never heard of.

PR builds and maintains relationships.  The crux of public relations is building a relationship between a company and its various publics.  With the low-cost, efficient tools at our disposal today, the role of a public relations professional becomes vital in starting, and maintaining, these important relationships.

PR produces cost effective results.  When compared to advertising and marketing, PR can effectively produce desired results at a fraction of the cost. Businesses must maintain their PR to continue to bring in customers, which is imperative, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Bottom line: public relations is a necessity. Necessities are recession-proof. When times are tough, businesses need to keep afloat, and keep a good reputation in the public eye.  PR is vital in maintaining that relationship between the consumer and the business.  With a career in this resilient industry, public relations students may not fare so bad in this tough economy.

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