You are Your Own PR Person

Internships: as a PR major, this word is the backbone to gaining any sort of experience and knowledge of the field as an undergraduate. With finding that perfect summer internship comes countless hours of research and time spent writing cover letters and catering your résumé to different agencies.

A few months ago as I spent time anxiously researching PR companies across the northeast it dawned on me that writing a cover letter is just like writing a pitch for yourself. You are your own PR person.

This insightful piece of knowledge catapulted my drive and motivation to apply to a variety of PR firms in the Northeast- eventually landing me an internship at 360 Public Relations in Boston- a firm that focus’ mainly on consumer, gaming and PR in the healthy living spectrum. Thus far in my college career I believe that remembering that you are your own PR person is beneficial for every aspiring PR pro to know. You can get an internship anywhere you want as long as you put your mind to it. My internship at 360 Public Relations was one of the most valuable learning and challenging learning experiences I have experienced thus far in my college career. I truly felt as though I was doing the work of an Account Coordinator. From drafting pitches to mastering the art of Cision, the knowledge I gained this summer truly made me realize that Public Relations was the right career path for me.

Where did you intern this summer? How did you end up landing your dream internship? We would love to hear your stories!

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