Getting to Know the 2012-13 Executive Board — Pt. 9

Name: Mike DeFilippis

Year: Senior

Position: Chapter President

Major: Public Relations; minor in French Language

How PRSSA has helped you: I wouldn’t have a career path if it were not for PRSSA. I came to BU with my heart set on being a film and television major. I knew I was going to travel all over the world to edit crazy documentaries. Toward the end of my freshman year, I went to volunteer for a senior thesis as part of their final for a production class. Guess what? I didn’t like it at all. There was so much tedious work that went into films. But then my friend invited me to a PRSSA networking event that she had helped plan. It totally opened my eyes. Right then I secured my first internship after I spoke with a BU alum. Ever since, PRSSA has been an irreplaceable part of my college experience — fueling my passion for public relations, helping me meet great people and, most of all, providing me with internship opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Kind of PR you are interested in: Government

Favorite PRSSA memory: Celebrating my 21st Birthday at the 2012 National Assembly in Charlotte, North Carolina last spring. I was a little hesitant at first, but it turned out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. Not only did I celebrate with a birthday twin, but both the former and newly elected National Committees sang to me at midnight. The trip was absolutely incredible.

Hobbies/other things you do on campus: Photography and reading through The New York Times every day.

Where you (ideally) see yourself after graduation: Working as a press secretary on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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