Getting to Know the 2012-13 Executive Board — Pt. 7

Name: Alex Hyken

Year: Sophomore

Position: Conference Coordinator

Major: Public Relations

How PRSSA has helped you: I joined PRSSA as a freshman to make sure that PR was the right choice for me.  After reading descriptions of PR Majors on college websites, I had figured that it was the right choice for what I want to do, but I still was a bit unclear on PR in general.  PRSSA has helped me realize how much more there is to PR than I had thought, and I now know that I have chosen the right major.

Kind of PR you are interested in:  Entertainment.  Before my senior year in high school, I interned at a recording studio, and I realized then that I wanted to be on the other side, working on the social and promotion side of the artists who came into the studio.

Favorite PRSSA memory:  My favorite PRSSA memory is the first email response I got from a professional when I was working on PR Advanced last year.  I remember thinking, “I’m actually like an adult now!”

Hobbies/other things you do on campus: Reading about and finding new musicians, being a part of AEPhi, practicing yoga, traveling, and going on adventure meals.

Where you (ideally) see yourself after graduation: Working at a record label or with musicians in some other way.

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