Getting to Know the 2012-13 Executive Board — Pt. 3

Name: Megan Tucker

Year: Junior

Position: External Relations Coordinator

Major: Public Relations

How PRSSA has helped you: PRSSA motivates me to learn more about what PR is and encourages me to take advantage of opportunites as a student. I’ve found that what I learn here supplements my academic experience and gives me a fuller view of my career path. PRSSA has helped me develop networking and professional skills while keeping up with social media and discussions about the industry.

Kind of PR you are interested in: Entertainment

Favorite PRSSA memory: I had the greatest time attending the National Conference last year in Orlando, Florida. It was eye-opening to hear more about companies I already had interest in and discover more possible paths that are available.

Hobbies/other things you do on campus: In my spare time I work in the BU Admissions Office, volunteer in the Community Service Center, take part in Greek Life, and attempt to read the latest best-selling novel.

Where you (ideally) see yourself after graduation: In my dream world I will be working for a major Television network in the publicity or programming department.

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