Getting to Know the 2012-13 Executive Board — Pt. 1

Name: Carol Kerbaugh

Year: Senior, graduating January 2013

Position: Programming Coordinator

Major: Public Relations

How PRSSA has helped you: So many ways! Weekly meetings have allowed me to meet so many professionals who work in all areas of PR, has helped me figure out which areas of PR interest me most and what skills I will need to excel in the field. Working on the committee for PR Advanced two years in a row exposed me to the world of event planning and allowed me to develop the skills needed for that. I’ve gotten to know many of my peers that I wouldn’t otherwise connected with. I could go on and on!

Kind of PR you are interested in: Consumer goods

Favorite PRSSA memory: PR Advanced: Be the Change. During my sophomore year, I joined the committee for the conference.  Just seeing every detail come together on the day of was a great feeling.

Hobbies/other things you do on campus: I’m a History minor. It’s a subject that has interested me forever, even though it’s not something I would pursue as a career. I’ve also worked at FitRec for three years. If you’ve ever been there on a Saturday morning and seen a bunch of little kids running around – that’s the area I work in. This semester, I will also be working for BU’s PR department.

Where you (ideally) see yourself after graduation: Immediately after graduation, I plan on sticking around Boston for a few years. I hope to work in an agency for a while, working with consumer brands. Within a few years, I hope to move on to a new city and continue to advance my PR career.

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