Employer of the Week: Contact Your Local Non-Profits

This post is part of our Employer of the Week series, where we will be highlighting a different company in PR/Communications every Monday.

It is about that time when students begin scrambling for a summer internship. What many students fail to realize is that living in Boston already provides them with endless resources for interning, working, and building valuable relationships within the local community. There is no need to look far – these places are in your backyard!

If you are willing to work for a non-profit organization (here are some tips), contact some local organizations to see what you can offer them as an intern. I recently began working with The Supply Education Group, an organization that builds schools in extremely poor areas (currently, they are working in Kenya), and was told that they are almost always looking for graphic design interns (they also appreciate publicity and social media knowledge from interns).

 This surprised me but after stumbling into other Boston-based non-profits I soon found more organizations that needed similar interns. The best thing about working for a non-profit like The Supply Education Group is that you will receive a lot of responsibility and due to this you will learn an immense amount in a short period of time. Plus, you are typically supporting a fantastic cause that makes your intern experience both meaningful and memorable.

Another organization looking for interns is Project Mailbox. Founded by two BU students, Project Mailbox is an organization

located on-campus. Have you seen that red, old-school looking mailbox outside of University Grill? That’s Project Mailbox, where change is collected each month then given to a charity voted by BU students.If you have not heard of Project Mailbox, check out this article in BU Today or one I wrote a few weeks ago for more information. Project Mailbox is always looking for interns that can help with public relations, social media, advertising, marketing, and design. The best part about interning for Project Mailbox is that you can intern on-campus in your dorm room – How many people can say they interned in their pajamas? An even better perk is that much of the work can be done at your leisure (but make sure to meet those deadlines). This is typical for many interns at small non-profit organizations.

Although internships like these may be unpaid, they are often very flexible and you can typically create your own schedule. You can also usually choose your time commitment (full or part-time). Another perk is that they usually are willing to train you in other areas you may be interested in (for example, you may not need to stick strictly to public relations if you are interested in advertising, because you can probably work within both departments). As a Public Relations student, you have many skills that organizations find valuable (writing, blogging, social media platforms, design programs, public speaking). Make sure to hone in on your interests and strengths, and do some research to find an organization that fits your goals. Chances are, there is one right here in Boston.

If you are interested in contacting either The Supply Education Group or Project Mailbox, here is their information:

The Supply Education Group’s Website, Facebook, and Twitter

Project Mailbox – contact@projectmailbox.org, Facebook, and Twitter

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