Blogger vs. Wordpress

It seems that everyone is blogging nowadays, from travel enthusiasts to sports nuts to professional chefs. With so many free platforms it is very easy to start your own and tap into the benefits of the blogosphere, but which to choose? The vast array of platform options can be overwhelming. However here is a brief rundown of two of today’s most popular free options and the Pros and Cons of both.

If you are looking to dip your toe into the whole blogging scene and to check it all out, Blogger is a great place to start. A fairly simple and intuitive platform, it is a great choice for blogging newbies.

WordPress is definitely a bit more advanced; it takes a little longer than with Blogger to grow accustomed to it. WordPress is a favorite among businesses and companies for their offering of clean, professional themes. It is also a great platform to use if you plan on using your blog in your professional portfolio when interviewing for internships or jobs.

PROS of Blogger:
-It’s free
-Option to decide if you want ads displayed on your blog or not
-Option to customize your domain name for free
-Has a collection of templates that are easy to customize

CONS of Blogger:
-Limited storage capability of 1GB
-Does not offer password protection for individual posts
-Does not offer contact forms, however you can add third-party contact forms.
-Can only upload one photo at a time

PROS of WordPress:
-3GB of storage space
-Spam protection for comments can be added with the Aksimet plugin
-Password protection for individual posts
-Easy-to-add contact form
-Great for search engine optimizations (SEO)
-Additional exposure from the homepage directory
-Detailed traffic stats
-Easy to upload and edit images

CONS of WordPress:
-No control of whether or not ads are displayed on your blog
-Cannot customize domain name without a fee
-No template-editing, can only change the theme.

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