An Entrepreneur in a PR World

In today’s academic realm there is little emphasis on non-mainstream PR practices in the classroom such as startups and the development of new companies. The main stream academic realm focus’ on how to succeed in traditional PR settings- ie  agency , corporate non- profit and government public relations. However there is a major flaw in the academic system that seems to be pertinent in today’s society more than ever. There is a major lack in the amount of education that students get about the booming field of startups and entrepreneurship.

The realm of startups has quickly taken the college world by storm. The fact that the traditional study of old PR has quickly become so outdated allows the allure of startups stronger.

Now how can students who look to pursue startups find success while being in college? It’s all about learning outside of the classroom. Learning about the latest and greatest companies, technology and gadgets will give you the one up when it comes to finding out what type of startup you want to work in. The fact of the matter is it is difficult to  teach about startups because there is no formulaic method of how many companies that began as startups work, and how they label positions of the employees that work at their companies.

Working for a startup is all about thinking outside of the box and coming up with ideas that are different from the rest. Therefore you need to come up with ideas and ways that you can be different than the majority of mainstream PR students looking to work at an agency of some sort. Events such as focus on the bright ideas that have come from the minds of today. Being an entrepreneur in the world of PR will make you stand out amongst the crowd because you are the one with the different, new and innovative ideas.


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