How to Look Like a Professional Superstar, Even if You’re Not: Logo Design Basics

The presentation of your professional materials is important. First impressions go a long way. Be it submitting your resume and cover letter during your job/internship hunt, leaving your resume at networking functions or even just trying to impress that cute girl or guy at the bar by suavely slipping them your business card, you will leave a much more memorable and professional impression if all of your materials cohesively maintain a personal brand. By “personal brand” I mean designing a logo of your own that reflects your personality to put on your resume, cover letter, business cards, blog, Facebook page, etc…


A few things to consider when designing your logo:

  • Do your homework. Look at what logos are out there right now that you like. What is it that you find appealing and memorable about them? Clean lines? Bright colors? Cool font? Think about WHY these logos are attractive to you and take note of it. Here is a video I found on YouTube of what I consider to be good logos, take a look here for some inspiration.
  • Sketch out your ideas. Try and come up with something that is clean, simple and reflective of you. When it comes to logos, the simpler the better.


  • There are many programs out there that can be used to design a logo but I happen to be most familiar with and prefer Adobe Illustrator.  Check out tutorials online to learn the basics and then download the 1-month free trial.
  • Sometimes all you need for your logo is an awesome font. There are many websites that allow you to browse different fonts and offer free downloads. One of my favorites is


  • Printing can be EXPENSIVE, even more so when you are dealing with crazy colors. Try and design a logo that works well in black and white AND color so you can give yourself options when it comes to printing cost.
  • Make sure that the logo you design can be both blown up and scaled down. It shouldn’t be too complex or involve too many lines, as said before, the simpler the better.
  • Check out the printing services near you and online to see if certain businesses offer “first-time specials” or student deals. Vistaprint offers 250 cards for $10; you can browse their templates and customize them by uploading your photo or personal logo.

Now go get started! Take that lackluster, boring resume (or business card or cover letter…) and jazz it up. You have all the tools you need to fake it ‘til you make it and network like the professional superstar your logo says you are.

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