The Separate World of Entertainment and Fashion PR

Entertainment and fashion are two incredibly sought-after fields in the Public Relations industry. Interestingly enough, these two areas represent an entirely different world than some of the more traditional forms of PR, such as corporate or nonprofit. Some might even say the two fields still operate in somewhat of an old-fashioned manner.

Previously, PR professionals might have met over lunch, or any other form of enticement, to do business together. However, the majority of the PR industry has moved passed this system, submitting to more ethical guidelines. Fashion and entertainment still operate using the ways of the past simply because it still works for these fields.

The pros of entertainment and fashion work are based off of opinions. Who’s to say what’s important? These fields thrive off of favors, trading material items, publicity, etc. It’s still socially acceptable to do business over lunches when it comes to entertainment and fashion.

We’ll give you a shipload of our shoes, for example, if you get the word out about them. Companies on the receiving end do their job, and the designers will graciously let them keep the shoes. Lending favors and other strategies like this works wonders, but only in the entertainment and fashion businesses. There’s no reason to try and catch up with the rest of PR.

Other public relations fields have moved on to systems that closely follow ethical guidelines. These systems are more refined but also work smoothly for the industries that participate. Entertainment and fashion PR are definitely a few steps behind when looking at PR as a whole. While they may occupy different worlds, both entertainment and fashion PR and the rest of the many PR industries continue to use the best strategies for their individual success.


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