PRAdvanced Tips and Everything Else You Need to Know

This years 6th Annual PRSSA Conference- PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation is coming up in just a few days. As you begin to prepare for this years conference, filled with a day of great conversations and speakers, you must think about how you can impress the slew of professionals that will be attending the conference. The key to impressing people- is by your appearance.

At PRAdvanced impression is going to matter- and we want you to make the best impression upon people that you can. Therefore we have compiled a guide of the “Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Attire.”


Wear a button down and slacks

            Wear a Blazer

            Wear a tie and suit

            Wear a business casual dress

            Iron/ dry clean your clothing before the conference

            Do wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day


            Wear anything that you would wear to the gym

            Wear anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing in front of your family

            Wear wrinkled or stained clothing.

Wearing nice, clean-looking business wear will give professionals a first impression of you that will make them want to talk to you.

Also on the day of the conference, be sure to bring your resume. The Professionals at PRAdvanced are there to look at your resume and see all of the wonderful things you have done- why not win them over by handing out copies of your resume to them! Along with that if you have a business card we highly encourage you to bring them, it will show professionals that you are prepared and that you want them to remember you.

And last- don’t forget to bring a cell phone charger, because your cell phone will die from all of the tweeting you will be doing at the conference!

For more information about PRAdvanced which is to be held this Saturday 2/25 at 8 St Mary’s St Boston MA- check out


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  1. This is so well-written and understandable. I wish it could be published. I think we all would have a much better idea of what’s really going on. I’m looking forward to more.


    1. thank you! glad you enjoyed the post


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