8 PR Tips from Google Boston’s Adri Cowan

On Thursday, February 2, Adri Cowan, the community manager for Google Boston, came to speak to Boston University’s PRSSA.

The job of a community manager came into existence throughout the past 5 years and will become one of the biggest most sought-after positions in 2012. This position incorporates both event planning and social media. Adri works to represent the brand, calling herself a brand evangelist. She also gathers information on the demographics—what the users are looking for and how to make the product better. A community manager can be considered a strategic “party-time” job. Community managers typically plan 2-4 events per week, and go out 5-6 times to network with others. It’s important to support other community managers, as they’ll hopefully return the favor when the time comes.

Adri left us aspiring PR students with a few tips for success:

  1. Be ready to work for free. Working for free means more experience, seems more gracious, and more people will owe you favors.
  2. Build up your social network right now. Don’t wait until you need a job to start making contacts.
  3. Know your place. When working at entry level, know where you stand within the company. Do what is asked of you, don’t question authority.
  4. Be loyal to your company. Try to stay with a job for at least two years. It gets somewhat difficult to explain job-hopping at interviews.
  5. You must be able to handle rejection. PR is full of rejection. Keep at it.
  6. Manage yourself. You’re in control of your time and the different aspects of your life. Community managers (and other PR professions) have very little personal time. Be in charge of yourself.
  7. Get on Google+. It will be the future of community management.
  8. Have a plan. Figure out a direction and run with it.

For more information you can follow Adri on Twitter @googleboston, or her personal, @adrileya.

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