Timing, Timing, Timing!

People often say that timing is everything.  If you really think about it, a lot of jokes wouldn’t be funny had the comedian not paused for applause; many movies would not have hit home quite as hard had the actor rushed through his lines; and could the team have won the game had the goalie just turned around 2 seconds earlier?  Timing is such a simple thing, yet such a crucial aspect to the success of so many – and public relations campaign are not exempt from this list.

So how can you avoid bad timing in PR?

  • Staying on top of current events is one of the most important aspects to ensure the successful launch of a PR campaign.  Being in the know about what is going on around you will help to ensure that your timing in launching your product, brand, etc. will be most successful and beneficiary to the client.
  • Be aware of current trends and keep your ears open for other product or brand launches that may affect how yours is received by the public. If you know that another launch is happening that could threaten yours, you will have the ability to make the necessary changes and still have your campaign go off with a bang.
  • Submit your press releases in ample time.  There has been some talk as to the best time to submit a press release to the media, and the majority seems to think that Tuesday mornings are ideal.  Its early enough in the week that it will get the attention it deserves, but not too early that it gets pushed aside in the Monday morning craze. Submitting a press release when media attention is completely engrossed in something else is a sure fire way for your campaign to be disregarded.

Sometimes, however, bad timing cannot be prevented.  World news, natural disasters, events such as 9/11 – these things cannot be predicted nor seen coming.  But as PR professionals one must learn to react and go forward with a possible hold or relaunch of the campaign.  Being overshadowed by world news happens, but it is the job of the PR professional to make sure that the client recovers as best can.

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