Hasan Salaam

By: Morgan Whaley

Our work with Hasan Salaam, a New York/New Jersey based underground rap artist, has proven to be a great resource for getting our feet wet in the music industry. Being Hasan’s PR team has taught us a really valuable skill in PR: multitasking. In addition to promoting his music and his new album, Music is My Weapon (released December 6th), Hasan is also a lecturer and political advocate, heavily involved in various organizations including foundations in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa where he is using profits from his EP to raise money for a school, water well, and medical facility.

When working with a client who has multiple messages and focus areas in his career, it’s important to make sure that when we promote his music, we also highlight his political messages, since they combine to form the cohesive image of Hasan Salaam, teaching us another important PR skill: creating a unified message.

So far, we’ve launched two different contests promoting Hasan’s new album. One is a graphic design contest, offering the winner printed merchandise with their design, plus a $100 cash prize. The second contest is a music video contest, where whoever creates the best music video for one of Hasan’s songs gets the opportunity to direct one of his upcoming videos. Ideal for anyone looking for experience in the music industry, these contests were designed to target college students, the main audience we’ve been focusing on all semester. Typically, 18-22 year olds are always on the forefront of the underground music scene, making them the perfect market for an emerging rap artist. Additionally, the contests indirectly promote Music is My Weapon, which will mean more people will buy the album, generating more revenue for Guinea-Bissau relief, which is Hasan’s main goal right now.

An extensive media contact list for college radio stations in the New York/New Jersey area has also been compiled, and tracks from Music is My Weapon have been distributed to these contacts. This is reaching out to more college campuses, building interest in Hasan’s work, and thus generating more entries into the contests.

If you’re interested in Hasan Salaam’s music, be sure to check out his website. Also, to enter the contests we created, just head to Facebook to the graphic design and music video pages for more information.

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