Why I Prefer Agency PR Over Corporate PR

Majoring in Public Relations gives one the opportunity to find his or her niche in the PR world. Whether that is in Agency PR or Corporate PR is up to you.  I personally am in favor of Agency PR for several reasons – here are a few of them.

1. Working in a Public Relations Agency allows you to work with a variety of clients and perform diverse projects.  Such a variety allows one to show off his or her creative side, while working in Corporate Public Relations may become repetitive and dull.  In addition, working with a variety of clients improves one experience with several types of media and making them more well-rounded.

2. The variety of projects in Agency PR enables one to network with numerous colleagues and clients.  Networking is a huge benefit when trying to gain experience or looking for a new job opportunity.  These connections made through an agency can provide recommendations and further an individual’s career.

3. Lastly, the fast pace and projects in Agency PR provide a challenge in the work environment.  There is never a dull moment, meaning new projects are always waiting for you when you arrive at work.  In addition this means that one can “test the waters” before picking an area to specialize in.

Corporate PR is simply not for me in comparison to Agency PR.  As a student who is unaware of exactly where they will end up in the career world, Corporate PR has less exposure to PR techniques and skills, limited opportunities, and is less likely to teach me traditional PR practices.


1 thought on “Why I Prefer Agency PR Over Corporate PR

  1. It’s sort of similar to working for someone and running your own businesses. The question is, do you want that fast paced, exciting environment with direct interaction with clients, having to always learn new stuff and adjust your strategies?

    Or do you want to go with the slower pace of corporate world (granted, the backstabbing can make it fairly exciting) Hey, if you manage to climb the corporate ladder you can tell your subordinates how the stuff you’ve learned 10-20 years ago is still cutting edge and totally relevant. After all, they wouldn’t dare criticize their boss would they?

    But yea, I am with you on that agency pr looks a lot more interesting, at least to me it does.


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