Corporate PR: Why I Like it Better

The question every burgeoning PR professional asks themselves: do I want to work in corporate or agency? I can say I have done the same myself, and have decided to veer more towards corporate.  Here are my reasons why:

  • You are a part of the client: Doing PR for the company that you actually show up for and work in every day can be a much easier process.  You will develop deep knowledge of the company and the atmosphere, know the people, and have a good understanding of what needs to happen.  Each project does not involve a long briefing period and cumbersome research before devising a plan. In-house staff also typically have access to more confidential information than would be handed to an agency professional. This can help you do your job as long as you maintain confidentiality within the  company.
  • You are running the show: PR personnel within a corporation are an integral part of the company. Because you are the only one, or one of the only ones within the company who are handling PR, your job is more stable and you have the opportunity to really develop relationships with those working in the company.
  • Personal Benefits: Because your position is so integral to the function of the company, you are more often than not salaried much higher than an account executive at a PR firm.  You show up to the same office every day – travel is unusual – and, you typically work 9-5 business hours.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I prefer corporate PR to agency PR.  While agency does have some pros (e.g., being able to network and having experience with many clients), as of now I much prefer the set up of a corporate culture. Which do you prefer?

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