So All You Have Under Your Belt is COM 101

As a freshman in COM, you might feel like it takes at least a full year of education in the university to truly get a sense of the direction you’re heading in. Even after countless guest speakers, lectures, projects, and essays (thanks to COM 101), there’s still a lot to learn. But there are a number of actions you can take with the knowledge you have in your pocket.

Video courtesy of Mariah Stein

  1. Get involved: You don’t have to be a broadcast journalism major to get involved in BUTV or WTBU, nor do you have to be a print journalism major to talk to BU Today about helping out around the office. There are plenty of opportunities within COM (even at the actual college) that could open doors for you.
  2. COM 102 Seminars: COM provides these seminars to guide students through the process of resume writing, internship applications, and other COM career services. The advisors that run the conferences are extremely helpful and they reassure you that they have open office hours, where you can go and ask questions one-on-one. It’s never too early to have a resume, and it’s constantly going to change throughout your college life, so it’s good to get to know these advisors as soon as possible.
  3. Keep up with COM events: The best way to experience any COM career is through actual events. In the newsletter that COM students receive periodically, there is a list of events from the different departments in the college that can give students an idea of what each field might entail. Film and TV offers various conferences and even premiers, Journalism has various seminars (for example, 10 international journalists were at BU for a conference at the beginning of the semester), and Mass Communication, PR, and Advertising provides many events, including a weekly PRSSA meeting, where speakers discuss the industry and upcoming opportunities. All of these are good for people who already have a fixed path in COM, and are even better for those who are still undecided.
  4. Look into abroad opportunities: Not everyone wants to cross an ocean. BU has programs abroad, however, that are still in the continental U.S. (LA or Washington, D.C.), and are great for resume building. The Study Abroad Express meetings are great if you have approved accreditations, but you can always ask your professors, COM Career Services, or your own RA about where you should go (depending on the department of concentration), when you can apply, and any other doubts you may have. It’s never a bad idea to go see the world, get exposed to other cultures, and broaden your horizons through these programs.

Just because you’re a freshman doesn’t mean you have to wait to get access to bigger opportunities. There’s a lot you can do to make the best of the first year at BU. As soon as you discover the open doors that are waiting for you, you’ll realize the full extent of opportunities that are at your disposal.

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