3 Pearls of Wisdom from HubSpot’s Rachel Sprung

hubspot logoThis a post from our weekly series, Mentorship Month, where BUPRSSA students interview mentors in the PR field. 

I recently had the chance to speak with Rachel Sprung, a BU PRSSA alum, who is an Events Coordinator working in the Brand and Buzz team in the Marketing department at HubSpot. Her responsibilities include creating and managing HubSpot’s presence and planning the local and national Hubspot Summits, Hubspot’s two big annual events for its customers.

Originally hired as an Events Coordinator for the company, Rachel’s day-to-day jobs now include media relations and managing the speaker program, as well as planning events.  Rachel has a unique experience working for HubSpot: “we work really hard,” she says, “but there’s also people that, in the middle of the day, just go out for a run or play ping pong.  It’s obviously not like any other company I have seen.”
Having more than a few internships and experiences under her belt, Rachel shared with me the following advice for burgeoning PR professionals:
  1. Company culture is more important than you think. Rachel shares that she applied for many jobs after graduation because she wasn’t sure on where she wanted to live or quite what company she was dying to work for.  After working for PR agencies with a corporate culture, Rachel felt that HubSpot was the right place for her with their “homey” feel. HubSpot encourages any and all employees to provide creative input into the company – and the founders even sit at open desks, just like everyone else.
  2. Applying to a job online is great, and can sometimes work out, but networking is far more valuable.  Rachel urges young professionals to use the resources provided to us by PRSSA and BU.  Rachel shares that she happened to find her job opening as it was retweeted by a connection on Twitter.
  3. Utilize BU PRSSA advisor, Professor Quigley. Any of you who have been in PRSSA for a while now have heard Quigley’s famous “company fit is the secret sauce” speech.  And Rachel shared with me that is it as legit as it seems.  Rachel cites Professor Quigley as being the biggest asset to getting where she is now professionally.  If you haven’t had a chance to get to know him, do it, because he not only has advice on the academic side, but has also worked in the real world and knows what its like for young students.

Rachel herself has actually written a blog post about her life as Hubspot which can be found at this link and is also proud to have co-founded PRSA YPN Boston, a network of young professionals in Boston found here.

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