Unleashed PR presents Of Rags (OR)

Some of you have seen the mysterious ‘OR’ black and white stickers all over campus. They’re pretty much sneaking all over campus. But what exactly does OR stand for and what does it have to do with PRSSA?

‘OR’ stands for Of Rags – a fair trade fashion cooperative that has asked Boston University’s PRSSA Unleashed PR team to help them spread the word about OR. Working with Of Rags has been exciting and informative as the BU team and the OR team merged together to learn, exchange ideas, and motivate one another.

Not only did we learn a lot about PR in general, but we also worked on letting others know about Of Rag’s dream – a dream for future generations to make informed, valuable choices.

Here are 5 steps we took to help make the Of Rags campaign a success this semester:

  1. Define your client. After weeks of gathering everyone’s ideas and goals we came up with a mission statement:  “We educate people through fashion. We believe that fashion influences the choices you make. Of Rags runs a peer education program about public health in the same community where we produce our clothes under fair trade conditions. This process is not one-sided. We choose to fashion a new lifestyle by questioning values. Wear the difference. –OR”
  2. Social media presence. Having a clear mission empowered the team to refine OR’s social media pages – making Of Rag’s goals tangible and quick to understand helped attract Facebook and Twitter followers while catching the attention of many BU students.
  3. Long-Term. We also worked together to craft some future, long-term ideas for Of Rags, including establishing campus ambassadors for various universities, starting with BU.
  4. Video content. We even worked on a video for the upcoming ‘OR’ college campaign – coming soon to a campus near you! We learned some PR basics when crafting a media kit for Of Rag’s Circle Connection school tour. The Circle Connection is just one of the many things Of Rags does to bring people together. In this case, children from different schools made shirts and sent them to Ghana along with a video. Ghanian children would then do the same all in ‘circle’ fashion.
  5. Event planning. Finally, our big break will show in an event held next semester where OR will be formally introduced to the BU student body.

The Unleashed PR team and the Of Rags have worked well together to promote inspiring dreams and a worthwhile cause.  Working in Unleashed PR for BUPRSSA is a great way to hone your public relations skills before you get in the work world.  If you’re not a member yet, you can learn more about joining here.

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