If you are really interested in Fashion PR…

There are plenty of students, who are interested in fashion PR at Boston University.  However, if you are really interested in fashion public relations, there are certain things you should keep in mind. 

You should be:

1.  Prepared for long days and many hours.  When starting off in the industry you will be expected to do a wide range of tasks for little pay.  Many experts believe you can only learn the biz by jumping right in it. Be ready for anything and be able to adapt.  If you survive this you should survive in the industry.

2.  Looking for internships. Perhaps best would be an internship with Fashion Week.  Internships will teach you things you cannot learn in school.  Fashion PR expert, Kelly Cutrone, says “If you can cut it during fashion week, you can survive in the industry”.

3.  Prepared to intern and gain experience from both agency and in-house PR.  In-house PR is working for a single brand, in contrast to PR agencies who represents numerous brands.  Both give you great exposure to the industy.

…And Understand:

1.   It is not as glamorous as it sounds…  Yes, high-end brands are all around you and you may attend luxurious cocktail parties but this is not the case every day.  The average day consists of a lot of hard work and you are not working for the luxury you are always working to represent.

2.   It is more business than fashion.  You are representing a client and expected to be doing the work of a publicist.

3.   If you want to be a designer, do not go into fashion PR.  Although it is important to understand how PR works as a designer, and it may help with networking, but it is not the same as designing.  If you want to become a designer be a designer.

So, if you are looking to get into fashion PR, check your local Fashion Week, try to get involved with fashion-oriented publications and make sure you understand the basics about the industry. You’ll be setting up the runway in no-time (but unfortunately, you probably  will not have the chance to walk down it, unless you get lucky).


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  1. Very insightful post- thanks for the information! 🙂


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