6th Annual Regional PRSSA Conference: PR Advanced Unleash Our Generation

On February 25th, 2012 BUPRSSA’s group PR Advanced will host its 6th annual regional conference, PR Advanced: Unleash Our Generation. At this conference, PR Professionals young and old will come together under one roof to share their ideas and give professional insight.

Last year BUPRSSA’s regional conference attracted high profile names such as Jon C. Iwata, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IBM and Margery Kraus, CEO of APCO Worldwide.

The world of PR has changed as the world of technology has continued to evolve. The advancements in technology – such as social media- have greatly changed the PR industry. Gen Y’ers bring a new perspective to the industry. They have the knowledge and skills in social media that have changed the industry, while still utilizing the PR skills that have been implemented in the industry throughout the ages.

PR Advanced: Unleash Our Generation is aimed to address Gen Y’s ability to pick what kind of professional they are going to be. The event is meant to inspire and inform young PR professionals and guide them toward the area of the PR industry they should go into. The conference will showcase Gen-Y’ers who are exploring the world of startups and Gen-Y’ers who are successfully working in long-standing companies. The conference will also highlight how Gen-X’ers have helped inspire Gen-Y’ers and teach them how to navigate, innovate and succeed in the professional world.

There is no ideal PR model, only great PR ideas. The conference aims to bring these ideas to the table and enlighten everyone who attends. For more information, check out the PR Advanced Website.

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