What Type of PR Student Are You? [Infographic]

Where do I belong? It’s a question we often ask ourselves during our time in college.  We created a little infographic below to help you out. (Apologies to those interested in non-profit — we completely forgot about it when we built the graphic!).

Corporation: In a corporation you will have a job with steady hours, working for one client. You may begin by working on a newsletter for the company or planning an event, then go on to creating events and writing press releases. There is a structure in corporate PR that works like a hierarchy; you will gain responsibility as you move up in the company. You will also gain a lot of experience working as a team.

Agency: At an agency you will be working a fast-paced job involving long and sporadic hours and travel. You will be doing something different everyday and working with different clients. Your work will be hands-on and independent and will allow for networking.

Startup: Within a startup company you will be encouraged to be involved and creative, thinking of new ideas to get the business going. This will involve developing plans for start up businesses, promoting them, and supporting them.

Not every kind of PR job will be for you.  Instead, follow your path and you’ll be on the way to a successful career!


3 thoughts on “What Type of PR Student Are You? [Infographic]

  1. Christina Serrano November 30, 2011 — 7:48 PM

    Thanks so much! Feel free to share it with whomever!


  2. This is great! I want to share this with my chapter at Quinnipiac University.


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