4 Reasons Why A Study Abroad Blog Can Help Any Resume

Studying Abroad is a rewarding experience that every student should try to have at least once during their college careers.  Many schools even offer internship programs abroad.

Although an enriching and educational experience in and of itself, in this digital day and age of globalization, more and more employers are looking for a semester abroad on the resumes of potential candidates.  The perfect way to record those experiences and lessons learned is though a blog. If done well, a study abroad blog can act as an extension of your resume and better illustrate your skills to set you apart in the job application process.

As study abroad blog can highlight:

  1. Language skills – The more languages you know, the more valuable you become as a job candidate. What better way to learn a language than from native speakers? You will be a cut above anyone’s textbook education with exposure to slang and idiomatic expressions as well as a better accent.
  2. Cultural knowledge – Many employers seek out candidates with a multilingual and multicultural perspective.  You can better relate to others if you are familiar with their customs and beliefs.
  3. Maturity and Independence – Living abroad is a big step. Individuals who choose to do so are generally good at adapting to new situations, motivated, and financially responsible. This will come across in a well-written study abroad blog.
  4. A unique and developed writing style – Showing future employers a well-written blog is essentially adding quality writing samples to your resume. It is also a way to show off your creative side.

If pursuing a job abroad or working with clients abroad, international experience is essential and good writing skills can only make you a stronger candidate.  A good study abroad blog combines these two elements for a strong addition to any resume. Bon voyage!


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why A Study Abroad Blog Can Help Any Resume

  1. I am happy to hear another agree about the importance of studying abroad. You also bring up a good point that even if someone does not go abroad during their undergraduate degree they can certainly do so if they pursue a graduate degree.


  2. I agree with this article , I did my Masters in 3 different countries , I first started in boston then went to London and finished in Dubai , the experience I got from this is priceless.
    I got to experience so many different Cultures… I did all this thanks to http://www.globalcampusrotation.com/ , if you want to rotate campuses worldwide they are an excellent option.


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