7 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

Writing is one of the most important skill sets for all students, whether you’re studying PR, business, or something else entirely. The mastery of writing is a basic necessity for everyday life.

The problem is many people still suck at writing.  So how do we as students improve our writing skills?

Here are 7 ways to become a better writer:

1. Write Everyday

Practice makes perfect—writing drastically improves when done often. There are many ways to improve your writing, but practicing is probably the most important. Write anything—from a letter to a blog post or an essay—it all contributes to the bigger picture of a more refined writer.

2. Be Well Read

Reading the works of other writers’ influences your own style, taste, background, and ideas. Read many sources. Draw from those who you look up to, or that inspire you. The outside world can directly influence the ways in which you write.

3. Expand Your Vocabulary

Writing is a learning process. Learn everything you can, including new words, phrases, and tactics that you can apply to your writing. As a tip, trying learning a new vocabulary word each day.  Sure, it’s very SAT prep-ish, but you won’t be making fun of the idea when you know 365 more words this time next year!

4. Use Proper Grammar

Do your best to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in everything you write, especially initial drafts. Proper grammar from the start makes editing easier and the whole writing process flow better.

5. Brainstorm and Plan

Start with an outline. Know what you want to say and where you’re going. It’ll make it easier to decide how to go about writing.  Think about what your writing’s goal is and figure out the steps needed to get there.  It’ll make the actual essay part a hell-of-a-lot easier.

6. Know Your Topic

If you’re writing on a specific subject, make sure you have an understanding of what you’re writing about.  It’s important to write about what you know.  If you don’t know, make sure to do your proper research. Be a credible source.

7. Edit, Edit, Edit

Proofread your writing. Better yet, have someone else proofread your writing (heck, someone proofread this post and added this comment in). As a tip, give yourself some time before you proofread you work.  It’ll allow you to read with a clear head and see mistakes you didn’t originally see.

Awesome writing can help you advance in your career.  Keep some of these basic writing tips in mind and success will definitely follow.

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