Unleashed PR: “Inside” Team Learns the Importance of Research

This post was written by Brianna Vieira, a member of Unleashed PR on working with client Erika Street and her short film, “Inside.” “Inside” is a short film based on stories by prison inmates. Part of a transmedia project, “Inside” is complemented by documentary webisodes and a prison writing blog. The team also consists of Kayleigh Hodgdon, Katie Lohec, and Christina Serrano.

Promoting a film can be a challenging but rewarding task. The “Inside” team has been working with Erika Street to develop a plan of action to promote her film and find the most interesting and appealing way to market the film to an audience.  When promoting a film, an important lesson to learn is that you have to research before you can execute.

As an example, here’s what we’ve been doing prior to promotion:


We began to take on this project by talking to Erika about her premise and goals for her film, allowing us to come up with the most efficient and creative way for publicity. So far, we have been looking up film festivals all over the east coast and noting requirements for each. This information will help Erika learn more about the requirements she has to consider for completing her film and gives the rest of the team insight into what we need to have ready to submit not only for her film but for reviews and any other PR that went into the process of promoting her film.

From this research, we hope that we can create a press kit and submission for the short film which will help it win an award at a film festival.

Additionally, we’ve planned to have either a screening of the trailer or clips of the film to see how audiences are responding. Doing this research will allow us to experiment with publicity tactics and discover which strategies work best for promoting the film. We want to make sure that we capture the entire essence of the film in our posters and press releases which will draw audiences in.

Throughout this process we are learning the difficulties and joys in promoting a form of media and will all walk away with the knowledge of what it is like to work collaboratively in a professional PR experience.

It’s important to remember that while promoting is important, research and planning also play a crucial role.

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