Employer of the Week: Alison Brod PR

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As the world of Public Relations continues to flourish between startups and social media based PR, the glamour of traditional PR firms have begun to fade. However, Alison Brod, of Alison Brod PR, has created a brand based PR empire that has received a great deal of hype in the past few years.

Alison Brod began Alison Brod Public Relations in 1995 as a small boutique Firm. Over the years, Brod PR has gone beyond the confines of a simple boutique PR firm, and has turned into a mega empire. Brod specializes in brand placement product campaigns, celebrity placement media and trade outreach. Some of her clientele range from Gap, Godiva Chocolate, and the Bravo TV network, to high profile celebrities such as Michelle Trachtenberg, Michael Phelps and Kristen Chenoweth.

Corporate Culture

Although the company’s clients are really high-profile, it is the vivacious employees that give Alison Brod PR the edge to stand out amongst fellow New York based PR agencies.

Brod describes the corporate culture of Brod PR in the NYTimes (What Does Every Brand Need… Alison Brod) “as an aura of 50 outgoing young women in a colorful office with top brands and celebrities walking in and out.” Brod has recently received a great deal of praise from her work with Mercedes-Benz fashion week as she maximized their “ Fashion Force” through online social network channels.

It is the positive and driven attitude that the face of Alison Brod PR has that gives this “ boutique” PR agency an edge.  The success that Alison Brod PR has had in recent years was noted by Crains’s New York Business Section as they were awarded with the title “second best employer in New York City.”


According to their website, the Alison Brod internship program offers each participant a mentor and a chance to work on and off-site across the different categories at the agency – from beauty to fashion to lifestyle, food and celebrity PR, events and marketing. You will see products and hear ideas long before they hit the market and, you will gain experience working on projects such as the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to new website and product launch events for brands such as philosophy, Gap and Godiva, restaurant openings and product sampling from the top beauty, fashion and gourmet brands.

The program is open all year and we typically accept sophomores and juniors in college who have related coursework or previous internships.

Some of the perks during your internship include weekly speakers and Q&A sessions with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, top writers and editors, television personalities as well as our own executives. There are also lunches and parties so you get to know both our staff and your peers on a social level.

In addition, they hold a resume workshop and guidance with interviewing. Executives will also help with mock interview analysis so you feel confident when it does come time to leave the ease of your senior year and leap into the real world.

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  1. Great, thank you so much! Im sure myself and other BUPRSSA members will keep her in mind for future a connection. The work the Alison Brod PR does is very interesting to myself and many other PR students I know.


  2. I recommend connecting with Emily Forrest (COM ’10; @emilyrf) if anyone is interested in this Agency. She interned here!


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