4 Things You Can Do in PRSSA That Matter More Than Your Resume

We’ve all been told time and time again the importance of the resume in applying for a professional position. The moment it lands on your prospective employers desk is your first impression – and you want to make a good one. While, yes, being neatly folded with the perfect font choice and correct spacing is important, there is a great deal more to getting a job than just your resume.

PRSSA offers a variety of ways to get involved, and these four things may even matter more than that resume of yours:

1) Network With Professionals

  • Meeting professionals and other aspiring professionals is often the key way to bagging that internship you’ve been eyeing.  It’s not always what you know but who you know. Beyond that, networking is just a great way to find out about those around you and ahead of you on the career path, and learn what their companies do.

2) Get hands on experience with Your Student Run PR Firm

  • PRSSA’s student-run firm gives you a hands-on experience providing public relations for a client in the real world.  While classroom learning is important, putting yourself out there and working on a real campaign is a great way to get hands-on PR experience.

3) Blogging and Social Media

  • Get your name out there and blog. Joining the social media committee is a great outlet so when employers do have your resume and they Google you, something actually comes up and can get a feel for the work you’ve done.
  • Interact with other PRSSA chapters and members online, Tweet, read blog posts by members, Facebook, attend Tweet-Ups.  All of the aforementioned items are the benefits of being a PRSSA member, and can infinitely help you build that resume of yours that is so important.

4) Attend Panels: Listen and Ask Questions

  • PRSSA brings in top-notch professional speakers. Whether you know what you want to do with your life, or you’re not quite sure, these panels are important for any burgeoning PR student. Listening to those standing before you about what they like/dislike and how they got to where they are may help you in carving a professional path for yourself in the future.

Overall, PRSSA provides great opportunities even if they don’t seem like they may be that important now.  The connections, hands-on experience, and speakers alone provide a great outlet that can not only make you look good on paper, but give you real-world experiences.

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