Why Every PR Student Should Be Proficient in Another Language

Universities nationwide require a second language proficiency in order to get a degree.  Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, any language will be of great benefit.

Companies, much like students, crave networking in order to expand their horizons. Nowadays, they look for young people, with the ability to travel and not only interact, but truly connect with people of other cultures. This begins with knowledge, but language and communication are the first and foremost tools through which we can form critical bonds with others.

Programs around the US are offered to those students that want to begin the expansion of their horizons since the undergraduate stage of their academic lives. With a simple language proficiency as the only prerequisite, students are offered the opportunity to live with a family of another culture, and learn about another country through experience. With another language under their belt, they have accessed a possibility: to include another culture in their lives and careers.

All of these experiences are granted to those who learn another language; however, as one continues on in their journey, internships begin to take priority. International internships are an effective tool to either line up a solid job in the future, or to have another title in your resume. Employers nowadays look for these experiences; they place importance on the ability to relate to other cultures, to speak other languages, and to have lived in a foreign environment and thrive.

Language, in Public Relations, can have various applications: publicity in multiple media, advertising and marketing in different countries, are only some of the ways to use another language. Messages are best perceived and transmitted in one way in English, but in Spanish there might even be a direct translation. Understanding these fundamentals through practice gives you a leg up on other PR majors.

Understanding the mechanics of colloquialisms, everyday conversation, idioms, and other types of language will make you a more effective communicator worldwide. That is something that money can’t buy: only through learning and experiencing a second language can you reach the maximum capacity in your career as a Public Relations student and employee.

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